This is the English part of At the Danish part of you find information on more than 1.500 schemes directed to businesses to public authorities in Denmark, business related information and contact information to municipalities, regions and other authorities. At the English part you can find some of the schemes in english.

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Business in Denmark is a public service providing information to foreign companies on the relevant rules and registrations in Denmark. As a foreign company you will find the most common rules and registrations required under Danish law. You can also contact the Business in Denmark hotline if you have more specific questions.


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Forms and Applications

Business forms and applications for Danish authorities

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Applications for temporary suppliers of goods or services to the Danish market.

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Mandatory mailbox for companies, associations and other organisations

From 1 November 2013, it will be mandatory for anyone with a CVR number (VAT or business registration number) to have a Digital Post mailbox for letters from public authorities.

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Do you want to start a foreign company in Denmark?

Watch this guidance and learn, how you register in Denmark.